Wellwed Magazine-Spring/Summer 2012


Wow. No really… WOW!!!! I have been trying to wrap my head around all of this and just can’t seem to get use to it. Every time I glance over at our office magazine cubby I get a smile on my face… I got the cover of Wellwed! MY work is gracing this amazing publications cover. I took that photo. I took that photo!!!!!!

Having your work on the cover of a well know magazine is a major milestone in a photographers career and I feel so honored to have my work chosen. But it gets better… ya, it’s possible! Wellwed publishes a handful of great regional magazines catered to each specific location. Wellwed Cape & Islands, Wellwed  Hamptons and Wellwed New York ALL have my work on the cover!!!!! (see below)  Three very different looks but all so stunning and spot on with their styling.

So, I’m going to back up for just a quick minute to share just how aaallllll this happened. Krista is the uber creative editor and the leader of all the styled goodness you see on the pages of these magazines. She was working on putting together the boho chic surfer styled fashion segment in the current issue and needed a stunning beach location to make it all come together. SO, the decided to come to York, Maine and she asked me to shoot it. ME?!! Great! Amazing! BEYOND thrilled to work with this crazy talented editorial team… what a GREAT opportunity!  You have to understand that I am a major magazine lover. I read all sorts of magazines ranging in topics from style, food, decor, wedding and of course gossip! I have soooo many subscriptions and my friends even tease me about how I never read books … just all my magazines (so bad I know). I have always loved flipping through the pages, studying the photography and ripping out what inspires me. So, for me, to be asked to work directly with the editorial team of one of my favorite publications was, to say the least, a big deal!

These are not the sort of shoots that come together overnight and are whipped up by a couple of people. The Wellwed team was all there with Krista leading the styling for not only the “bride” but the set ups you see on the covers. I was amazed by her eye for detail and how she really understood how the right light could completely make the shot. A dream for me, seeing I am all about amazing natural light! We had our fun hair and make-up team, Cynthea and Justine, the floral guru Linda from Dandeneau, KILLER dresses from BHLDN, Claire Pettibone, j.crew and Cymbeline Paris. Meg Simone filmed the behind the scenes action in a great short film that shares a bit of the behind the scenes action. It also shows you all the faces and some styling insight so don’t forget to press play at the end of the blog post.

I am always interested in seeing how things come together for the big fashion spreads in all the magazines. (Have you ever watched the documentary “September Issue”?) Let me tell you, it’s a loooooong process! We started at sunrise, 6:20am and didn’t wrap the shoot until the sun went down. Non-stop styling madness all day long! It takes hair, make-up, dress, accessories… so much to make the look sing and we never know what will actually make it to print in the end!!! I really have to say a big, BIG thank you to Krista for trusting me with her vision and allowing me to be my creative self while working on this shoot. I am over the moon with the final spread in the magazine and have I mentioned, honored to be on the cover!

You can visit the Wellwed Website to order a copy if you can’t find one in your local area. And all you Maine and New Hampshire couples get ready! Wellwed is launching a new issue focused on our beautiful corner of New England. YAY!

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Here is a sampling of some of the fashion from the shoot. There are 25+ pages, just way to much for one blog post!




brea mcdonald photography


Heidi and I are awaiting the first look of the day as the sun started to rise on Long Sands Beach in York.

The shots below were taking by our multi-talented make-up artist Cynthea. Thanks for sharing these shot of us in action!

And finally the fun short film from Meg Simone Films!

WellWed Spring & Summer 2012 from meg simone on Vimeo.


  1. I am raising a glass to you 🙂 This is a HUGE HUGE Deal and honor! Three covers of WellWed Magazine!!! “Well” deserved! You are an amazing asset to not just our regional community of wedding vendors but to this publication! Your local knowledge of Long Sands and your ability to use natural light is a perfect combo that makes all of this nothing short of “seaside” soon worthy! How in the world did they pick favorite shots? They are all awesome!! Thank you for the props on the film – always so much fun to capture the action that the general public doesn’t always see 🙂

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