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Owner & Principal Photographer

I spent my childhood summers on Cape Cod, lived in the mountains and now on the coast of Maine and called Nantucket Island home for just over eight years. I have fallen in love with the charm of New England and capturing the beauty and character that lies in these small towns and bustling summer communities. I know why you love it here and why you want to capture your celebrations, family time and traditions. It’s special and so are the people and the memories made here.

Visit Brea’s wedding or portrait gallery.


Associate Photographer, Nantucket

I am a Texas girl at heart, but I have called Nantucket my home for the last 12 years. Even after 12 years I still find myself amazed by the beauty of the island that I live on. It’s hard not to pick up a camera (or my iPhone) to capture it all – this kind of beauty is priceless. I feel so fortunate to live here and find inspiration around almost every corner.

Photographing families on Nantucket is very unique – there is a greater sense of relaxation here. I believe being on Nantucket makes life a little bit sweeter – our beaches, the sunsets, the history, the art… everyone seems to laugh longer, smile bigger and enjoy the beauty of life a little more. Having the opportunity to capture and preserve this slice of life for my clients is my favorite thing about working on this little island, 30 miles out to sea.

Visit my Nantucket portrait work here!


Associate Photographer

A true Mainer, born and raised, I am absolutely in love with this state and all it has to offer. College took me to the wooded area of Orono, Maine where I studied design and photojournalism. After completing my studies I couldn’t help but return to Portland, the place I had always called home and where I could once again be close to my true love: the sea. I am so fortunate to have this place that feels so much like home but also offers something fresh and new everyday from it’s community to it’s restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, check out some of Jordan’s food photography here!

Here in the office I am so excited to see the faces of our new clients, the familiar faces of those returning, and all of the memories that make up your stories.  I feel lucky to be a part of bringing these special moments to life by designing your albums, photo books, and print orders. I am the voice on the other end of the office phone line, the organizer behind all of your proofing websites and the one sending out those ordering e-mails. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions!