New England Wedding Photographer: Our Promo Film

Hiring us as your wedding photographer is a big decision. We think it’s so important that you feel comfortable with the wedding photographer you choose to capture these intimate life moments! With work, travel, school and just life in general getting in the way of all of our couples meeting up in person I asked my dear friend and talented colleague Meg Simone to put together a film that would share a bit about our style for those interested in learning more about our work! It’s short and sweet and shows off all the amazing parts of New England that we LOVE to photograph.

Wedding and Portrait Photographer Serving all of New England – Brea McDonald Photography from meg simone on Vimeo.


  1. Just finally got a chance to peek at this and I LOVE IT!!! There’s nothing better than being a New England gal 🙂 The bike scenes are my fav! Great job to Meg too! XO

  2. Love the video. Having met Brea just twice, it appears that Meg has captured her spirit and passion for New England and photography. York, Maine is fortunate in that she has chosen this town as her home. Keep up the good work, Brea and Heidi. Brea, are you able to solve murder mysteries while on your bike? (Murder, she wrote…may be before your time)….Marilyn

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