Maine’s Tri for a Cure!

Last year I attended the Maine Cancer Foundations Tri for a Cure as a spectator to cheered on my amazing friends who participated in the race. I was blown away with the amazing energy and attendance at this event and I encourage everyone to lend their support either in person, with a pledge or get out there and take part!

The Tri is this Sunday and  I won’t be able to attend in person so consider this is me cheering for my ladies and all that they are swimming, biking and running for! I am so proud of your hard work and everything you have overcome to be there today.

Here are a few photos from last years Tri.

sitting next to Mollie’s children warranted a wave!

Jen zoomed by so fast on her bike I nearly missed it!

Almost done and still smiling Katy was high-fiving us as she hit the finish line.


The support was everywhere.


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