Baby Portraits, How time flies!

Babies change so quickly! Lately I have been watching my friends babies grow at what seems to be an alarming rate. The changes that occur from their newborn days till just a few short weeks later are dramatic to say the least. That is why I love it when my clients book more than one portrait session for their babies first year!

Meet baby Oliver. We had his very first portrait session just a couple of weeks after his arrival and then again when he was just over 7 months old. It’s so fun to compare the two sessions and see the changes and similarities. Those big blue eyes have that same curious look in both sessions but there is no way Dad could hold his little man’s head in one hand as he did for his newborn portraits. Reaching and grabbing for leaves with his chunky little fingers is such a contrast to him swaddled snugly on the bed. It seems like everyday holds some sort of milestone in a babies first year!

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