When I arrive at the Newagen Seaside Inn to photograph a wedding I always arrive a few minutes early so I can take a nice walk around the property. It’s one of my most favorite venues! Guests are enjoying cocktails outside on the deck, jumping off the dock into the ocean for a quick dip, walking a trail or riding bikes around the property. It’s truly a treat to see everyone so relaxed and enjoying all that Maine has to offer! When I arrived for Jill and Alex’s wedding and was taking my walk all I could hear was laughter coming from a cottage that overlooked the water. It was Jill and her amazing crew of ladies getting ready for the big day! It echoed over the property and set the tone for the entire day! Their wedding day was a long time coming but it was well worth the wait! A sunshine filled day on the coast of Maine with cocktails, a bonfire, ceremony overlooking the ocean, dancing well past sunset and hugs, cheers and laughter for everyone there. I hope all your days are filled with this much love Jill and Alex! Cheers to you!

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