Hey all, Jordan here! Last month I had the pleasure of photographing the crew of Earth as they returned to Flanagan’s Table  in Buxton, ME to once again wow guests with a delicious five course meal. Flanagan’s Table is a monthly dinner series with a different Maine chef in rotation each month. Diners experience a meal prepped with the best fresh local ingredients, native wine and beer selections, and in addition have a portion of what they spent on their ticket  donated to sustaining local farming and agriculture in Maine. I had heard wonderful things about Chef walker and his team, but being able to photograph their culinary creations and experience the hustle and bustle of the kitchen was an amazing treat!  From the flavors to the plating, their dishes were very clearly well thought out and executed to perfection for the 40 plus diners. My favorite part of photographing the dinner had to have been seeing all the hard work first hand in the kitchen with Chef Walker and his crew and then moving out into the dining area to see the pure enjoyment of diners as they take their first bites of what is sure to be one of the best meals they’ve ever had. The winter storm that day surely did not stop guests from venturing out to enjoy the meal they’d been waiting months for and the staff at Flanagan’s Table and Earth made it totally worth the trip!

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