In our previous blog post I talked about our recent trip to Arizona for a couple of amazing workshops. Today, Heidi shares with us her thoughts on attending her first big photographers conference and what Fearless Photographers is all about.

It seems so long ago, especially with this past week’s cold spell that I was basking in the warm Arizona sun at the Foundation Conference. My memories of the event are keeping me warm and inspired so I thought I would share a little bit about my experience.

As a photographer I’m constantly looking for ways to continue developing my skills and reinvent them. One way to do this is to attend workshops. There are a lot of really great photography workshops out there to choose from and I was lucky to find out about the Foundation Conference through Brea. She was going to attend the Posh Retreat and the Foundation Conference happened to be taking place at the same time and same hotel, the fabulous Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. With the Posh Retreat and the Foundation Conference taking place at the same time, the hotel was full of creative energy and enthusiastic people. I found it really influential to mingle between the two conferences and connect with some remarkable individuals.

The Foundation Conference is a gathering of photographers from all over the world for a three day event of motivational and educational seminars. It is put on by the Fearless Photographers, an organization of wedding photographers who truly value photography and the art of capturing the moments.

There were so many great speakers at the FC2012 and it kicked off with Tyler Wirken. He delivered an incredible presentation, reminding us why we love capturing that decisive moment. This set the tone for the rest of the conference and showed us that as photographers we are shooting for future generations to see who we were and see our stories. I also loved listening to Anna Kuperberg and Jacklyn Greenberg, two very impassioned individuals, who shared with us their love for photography and how to incorporate your free spirit and fun attitude into your images. Some of the other speakers included Olivia Vale and Dave Getzschman who’s messages evoked in me the desire to cultivate empathy and challenge my visual personality.

Attending the Foundation Conference was a fabulous opportunity and I am very grateful to have attended it. Looking back, I think the most important thing for me, is to continue to develop my ability to understand and share the feelings of others through my photos. I look forward to the upcoming 2013 season and to challenging myself even more to truly tell the stories of our couples.

– Heidi


Scottsdale, Arizona, Hotel Valley Ho


Above: Always fun to Instagram when traveling!

Below The Foundation Conference attendees.

Hotel Valley HO, Scottsdale, Arizona



My Dad’s a lifelong runner. Not jogger, but runner. He goes out every morning (sometimes insanely early) and over an hour or so later he is back from “his run”. Sometimes all sweaty from the hot humid weather and sometimes with icicles on his ears from the frigid temps of winter in Maine, it really doesn’t matter, he always goes for a run. It’s part of who he is not just something he does. He truly enjoys it and still trains with his running buds and takes in some of the finer racing of the summer months.

Something that has always amazed me is how he keeps up to date on all the up and coming talent that is hitting the track. Records that are being broken, local contenders and events held in Maine. I have always felt that his pleasantly persistent way of encouraging those around him would make for a fantastic coach. Finally! Now that his schedule has freed up a bit as a retired man of leisure he is, as I feel, hitting his stride…. he is a coach! I was able to attend one of his teams indoor meets (also my high school alma mater, go Raiders!) and all I can say is he was in his element. Pointing out the current record holders, encouraging the kids on his roster, taking detailed notes for the next team meeting and chatting with parents. I was so proud to see him doing something he enjoys so much and sharing that with another generation of talent.

I was never much of a runner, I tried in High School but my interests in other sports led me in a different direction. One lesson that my Dad taught me that stuck with me after all these years is that in running it’s always just you and the clock. Your battle is between the two of you alone and the clock never lies. Do your best and the clock rewards you…. don’t show up for the race and there is no hiding from the clock. Never look over your shoulder at what’s behind you…. stare down the finish line! This is a great lesson to learn and is something we can apply to everything in our lives or business. Beat your last milestone and your always making strides. It doesn’t matter what it is… job bookings, days on the slopes, girl scout cookies sold or time spent with family and friends. Don’t look at where others are in relation to you, just keep doing your best. Thanks Dad for being my lifelong coach and congrats on the new career path, I am SO proud of you!

If you would like to view other images from the event please visit my proofing page and click on the FA Track & Field Event at the bottom of the page.